Google Pixel 7 – Everything We Know So Far

We can call on mobile phones as cellular phones. It is a device and we can use for it to get a voice call. There are mobile phones are of various types and sizes. There are different technical specifications and features. we can use it for different types of purposes like voice calling, and video chatting. text messaging(SMS ), multimedia messages, internet browsing, email, video games, and photography. We can call them smart Phones.

Google Pixel 7

What is the Google Pixel 7

Google doesn’t waste the time and the Google Pixel 7 will come to release to the market on the 06th of October 2022. This is the new device (smartphone ). This screen leaks from 9 to 5 google. This leak considers that google has created new display drivers. These rings are tagged as c 10 and p 10.

The smaller pixel 7 will feature a 1080×2400 display running up to 90h2.When the pixel 7 pros will have a 1440×3120 display cable for a 1201720 refresh rate exactly as leaked a Pixel 6 series. So there is actually no lay to wait to invent the phone’s full specification price.

The google pixel 7 figures to be the more attractive of the two handsets on google release in this situation.

Release date with price 

We can keep the proper best idea about the pixel 7 Google sent us on the 06th of October 2022. But the thing is a month before google arrange the date is launch processer predict pixel 7. An 

October 6 launch event would fit in with that time frame in the situation. 

The cost is growing all around us and it’s possible that could impact google phones we can expect to have a nice picture of google deciding to charge for the pixel 7 as we get closer to October 2022.

Its Design and Display 

This looks like a pixel 6. This distinctive appearance – is a horizontal camera bar stretching 

across the back of the phone. They will continue this model this year based on the pixel images google has shared with people. 

Specifically, the camera bar on the new pixel will be alumni um lens are fixing in slightly more ways. It has a pretty size and weight. The screen size remains unchanged at 6.7 inches.


Cameras haven’t changed in this pixel but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The tale photo camera should be capable of optical 200m. Camera hardware is only part of the story with google phones. The software-powered capabilities we are hoping to see with the pixel 7.

Performance of the battery life

This is the new version of google phone. Google introduces so many criteria battery 

performance of the phone. There are android devices This phone is 12 GB faster and has 

LPDDR5 RAM while also featuring 256GB of storage. There are several options in this phone.

What are the things can we see in pixel 7

There are more updates for this device and there are more options are available in this phone. It creates a customer base for this product 

  • There is a fingerprint reader 
  • There are multiple options on the phone 
  • New camera features – This is the uncommon camera features 
  • Tensor experience

Special notes about this google pixel 7

  • Google Pixel 7 is a bit smaller than pixel 6 63 inches. The phone may also use a different display panel. 
  • Advantages 

The advantages of using Google pixel 7 can talk with friends, and relatives at any time, and sometimes happens we can express our feelings to others and take appropriate dissections to reach them soon. We can get weather updates with the phones. and whole entertainment works. We can use it for many official works. we can use it as a wallet for payment 

  • Disadvantages 

New people have become to addict mobile phones they do not meet people in actual practice to any things through the phone. Because it is very dangerous to social life. There is a positive and negative situations we can use the mobile phone. 

Although google pixel 7 is very good for everyone and It has so many facilities like luxuries.

Google Pixel 7 Model

So Google confirmed pixel 7 in the fall most people have assumed like take the model of the pixel.

Google Pixel 7 Specs and Features

The second generation follows up the this model

Better and bright display for all model

There are a couple of ways Google could improve the display of the pixel 7 series first off brightness is unable to see the display properly

Another camera of Pixel 7

The obvious choice for the camera on the base of pixel 7 would be a telephone-length magnification is very good.

Longer battery life

This is very important to every generation given phone series more important for pixel 7.

Faster Chargers

Speeder charger is an age service every phone should aim to improve on and google did improve this with a pixel.

An Alert Slider

There are alert sliders. It is very useful to people’s identity and to get calls.

Safety and Security information

Follow the following information to use your device safely,

  • Use this device in an environment with a temperature from 0 – 35 °C.  When storing the device, store it in an environment with a temperature between –21 – 45 °C. However, you should be really careful not to keep the device in too low or too high temperatures to avoid any damage.
  • When you are charging the phone, make sure the device is at a place with a temperature between 5 – 35 °C. If your device contains, the flashes charging function, you won’t be able to use it below or above this temperature range.
  • Charging your device until it gets fully charged is alright. But make sure you don’t continuously charge the battery of your phone for more than 12 hours.
  • If your adapter gets disconnected from your phone, bring it near your device when reinstalling it.
  • Do not use data accessories like data cables, chargers, or batteries that are not manufactured by the original producer. Using non-approved accessories can cause a lot of hazards including electric shocks, explosions, and fire.
  • Keep in mind not to modify, crush or harm your battery. Doing so will cause explosions and battery leakages. Moreover, don’t keep your phone in a place where it gets direct sunlight.
  • In order to protect your device from damage to internal circuits and device parts, do not use it in environments with dust, smoke, or dampness. Moreover, do not use your device near electromagnetic fields too.
  • If any part of your device gets damaged, stop using them and contact the nearest Realme service center.
  • Power off your device whenever you are close to an area with an explosive atmosphere.
  • You have the ability to recharge your battery about 100 times before it reduces the performance.
  • Listening to the device at a high volume can cause you a number of disabilities. Therefore, avoid listening to your device at a high volume frequently.

All personal information may be removed after the product software upgrade to better understand how we protect information to log the site.

Observe all the informed motions for paces.

Market research

This is an important aspect of a business strategy that involves the process of gathering 

information about the target market of this product and its customers. The data gathered 

during market search is the primary asset tailored specially to meet the business need. An organization that has done market research about a product they are releasing will need to collect data like purchasing power features preference.

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